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Persons in, but not limited to, the following risk groups should not take this trip.

  • No children under 13 years age
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  • Persons whom are ill or weak
  • Pregnant women
  • SCUBA divers within 24 hours of diving
  • Severely obese persons (BMI over 40)
  • For more information please read our FAQ


Weather and cancellation Policies:

MKSA DOES NOT guarantee fine weather for your trip.

Cancellation Policy: Reservations are fully refundable on parties up to 4 persons until 24 hrs. prior to departure. For parties of 5 to 7 persons 48 hours prior notice is needed. For parties 8 to 10 persons, 1 weeks notice is required. 11+ parties 2 weeks notice required. Of course, if we cancel a tour due to weather or for other reasons all payments will be refunded. Should you find yourself ill before the tour please call us immediately. We may be able to fill your seat (and save you money) given sufficient enough warning.

Unsecured reservations will be automatically cancelled . Please see our FAQ for more information.

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What you should bring:
A sweater or hoodie, water and your preferred dinner beverage (not provided by MKSA). A sweet munchie for the mountain top helps keep you warm and clear headed. For environmental reasons we do not provide bottled water. Excellent drinking water, snacks and drinks  are available at the Visitors Center. Don't forget fresh batteries for your cameras, the mountain cold can stop a weak set. Your early supper will be served about 1.5 hours before sunset  so have an early lunch.

What you should not bring:
Excessive baggage or alcoholic beverages

cancellation policy
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